5 Reasons An Experienced Travel Agent Will Transform Your Destination Wedding (for the better)

June 1st, 2017 LESCAPE Education

Planning a destination wedding? Then make room for a new best friend: your travel agent. From advising on destinations to juggling bookings, this rockstar should have your back through thick and thin. All the more reason to pick the absolute best.

1.) Product Knowledge

It’s not often you come across a travel agent who’s visited every hotel and resort they recommend. So when you do, snap ‘em up. The absolute best in the business won’t be guided by their bottom line or flashy marketing, but by personal experience and an expert eye for quality.

And with experience, comes knowledge. Whether you’re looking for advice on the legalities of getting hitched in Jamaica, or tips on the best places to eat in Cancun, you should trust your travel agent to have the answers you’re looking for (or at least go to the ends of the earth to find them).

2.) Best suppliers on speed-dial

The best travel agents have top suppliers on speed dial. So forget unanswered emails, sketchy communication and crossed fingers – these guys have it covered. Not only can they hook you up with the best in the business, but you can rest easy knowing they’ve personal vetted every single supplier they recommend. All of which means no nasty surprises.

3.) Licensed Agency

Just because you’ve hired a wedding planner, doesn’t mean they have all the bases covered. While a consultant might be able to offer advice, connect you with suppliers and help with the event management, they’re not travel experts. That’s where a licensed travel agent comes in.

Not only does booking through a licensed and regulated agency offer that extra bit of security, but it guarantees you’re always getting the best deal, the best advice, and the best service. Essential ingredients for any drama-free destination wedding.

4.) Group travel

Any old travel agent can plan a trip for two. But a destination wedding demands so much more. Bringing together a group of your closest family and friends in a truly spectacular setting requires a truly spectacular travel agent.

From start to finish, a destination wedding should be a serene and stress free occasion, and with the right support this can begin before you’ve even stepped foot in an airport. A top travel agent will be able to coordinate the myriad tasks involved in getting you and your guests to your destination, while making the process an absolute breeze for every traveler.

5.) Client Focus

The best travel agents are great listeners. By taking time to get to grips with your likes, your dislikes and your vision, they can help plan a wedding that’s utterly seamless. And it all starts with expert communication. Whether it’s a friendly phone call or an intuitive online booking system, every step of your planning journey should be personal, positive and professional. After all, why settle for anything less?


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